Features of the human brain that make humans

Features of the human brain that make humans smarter than animals

In terms of consciousness, man is the most important of all living beings. No other creature has sent spaceships to planets, invented life-saving vaccines, or created poetry.

How does the human brain use or process information to do all of this? This is the question that binds man to his endless magic, but there is no definitive answer to this question. Our understanding of the brain has changed over time.

But according to current theories, the brain is a “distributed information processing system”.

This means that there are different parts of the brain connected to each other by many cables. These components communicate with each other by exchanging information through a system of incoming and outgoing signals.

However, this is only a small part of the more complex situation. The study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, uses evidence from different organisms and a range of neuro scientific theories to show that the brain does not process the same type of information.

The way information is used also differs between humans and other living beings, which may explain why people are at a higher level of consciousness.

To understand how the brain uses information, we use the mathematical concept of information theory. We know that different parts of the brain use different strategies to communicate with each other.

Different strategies

Some parts of the brain exchange information in a very stereotypical way and use incoming and outgoing signals.

This ensures that the signals continue to deliver their message consistently and accurately. It deals with the components responsible for perception and movement, such as the use of sound, vision and movement information.

Imagine the eye sending signals to the brain to use it. Basic dual information is transmitted by both eyes.

That means you don’t need half the information. However, it is durable and reliable, so we can always see with one eye.

This ability is necessary for your safety. In fact, this ability is so important that different parts of the brain are connected to each other like a landline phone.

However, not all information transmitted by the eye is vague, that is, no two pieces of information are the same, one is unnecessary or redundant. The brain processes depth and distance between objects with the same information transmitted by both eyes. This brain function is the basis of different types of 3D springs in cinema.

We call this process of information processing in the scientific brain, that is, when complex signals from different brain networks converge.

We want to know if the ability of the human brain to collect and process information through complex networks is different from that of other evolutionary creatures close to humans. This skill is called science.

To find out, natural neuroscience research analyzed genetic data and analyzed brain images of different animals. The study found that the human brain is more capable of processing complex information than monkeys.
The study focused specifically on the frontal lobe of the brain, called the prefrontal cortex. This section deals with the highest level of work in terms of awareness.

In monkeys, this part does not necessarily process unnecessary information, whereas in the human brain this area is the source of science, that is, the task of collecting and processing information through networks complex.

This is why the human brain is better than other animals closer to man in terms of evolution.

In the same way, the parts of the human brain that scientifically process information make the human brain superior to that of apes. These parts of the brain provide intelligence to the person.

We have therefore concluded that the excess tissue in the human brain, as a result of evolution, is responsible for a scientific process. So it can be said that this is the cause of the extra capacity of human consciousness.

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