Newbie Question: What is Artificial Intelligence?

Newbie Question: What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has recently caused a stir in the media via Elon Musk’s

Open AI beating the pros in DOTA 2 or artificial intelligence recreating the periodic table in hours. It is impossible to spend the day on the Internet without finding even a single article that tells about a new success achieved in the field. In fact, artificial intelligence is not just a distant dream today, but it is well integrated into our lives and many online apps and services we use include YouTube and Facebook. It is therefore important for us to understand what artificial intelligence is and how it works if we frequently use applications and services that use AI to improve our experience.

In short, artificial intelligence involves the creation of computer systems that are ideally capable of performing certain tasks commonly associated with human abilities such as thinking, understanding, analysis, etc. Imagine OpenAI beating the pros in a DOTA 2 game. It’s a complex game that requires you to adapt to the situation as it arises. Now imagine playing a computer against someone in a scenario where the combinations are endless. How did it happen?

The way computer code always works is that people define everything for the computer and just pass it to the computer, which can perform a very limited number of tasks based on the information it receives. Here, it is a person who defines all the possibilities. But with AI, people can only develop a system that can learn on its own to identify other possibilities that people might not have thought of.

For example, instead of giving a computer 10 pictures of an apple and then asking it to choose one of those apples from a group of pictures, you would place all possible examples of an apple on a computer, regardless of its size, shape and size. . color, and “teach” him to identify patterns and decide for himself whether something is an apple or not. Facebook uses a very similar technique when suggesting tags to photos you upload.

Artificial intelligence takes so much data, discovers patterns in that data, and then thinks of a way to use the data to solve a particular problem. It can be very useful when it comes to increasing efficiency and saving time, mainly because it is faster than humans and does not tire, it can add more intelligence by finding new models and solutions. , it is more accurate than man. creature and one of the most important factors is that it learns and grows on its own, that is, it has the ability to learn on its own from existing and new data.
Artificial intelligence is developing at a breakneck pace, penetrating several fields, including human resources, finance, law, education, security and health. This has become possible mainly due to major advancements in hardware (imagine the processing power needed to analyze all this data) and subfields such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.

There has been little debate on the ethical aspect of Artificial Intelligence, in particular on the methods of data collection and on its security aspect. But the truth is, it is one of the most amazing discoveries or advances mankind has ever made, and it is changing every industry. With increased profitability and efficiency, we can certainly expect major improvements.

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