TN vs IPS vs VA, which is more reliable for PC games?

TN vs IPS vs VA, which is more reliable for PC gaming?

Well, you might have noticed that TN panels offer the most responsive experience. However, the weather is changing!

Everyone wants the most reliable video game experience. However, the significant differences between TN and IPS computer gaming monitors may leave you scratching your head when it comes to getting a new screen. That, there are also many conflicting views on which type of panel is best.

The truth is that each type of panel has its disadvantages and advantages, and if you’re confused, don’t worry. We’re just below to help you decide.

What is a TN panel?

TN (Twisted Nematic) panels are among the most popular screen types for gamers. Their faster action times compared to IPS and VA panels are what make them perfect for gamers. TN screens are often cheaper than their IPS counterparts.

Whether you choose a new 4K gaming display or a fast 144Hz/240Hz refresh rate display, you’ll always find a cheaper option in the TN. Just because a TN screen has limited viewing angles and is generally less good at gaming in the shadows doesn’t mean it won’t benefit gaming.

What is an IPS panel?

IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels can reveal sharp images and vivid color details. As such, they are most reliable for photo editing and enhancement, enhancement, video editing, and product manufacturing. However, they hold back hard when it comes to developing better blacks.

Previously, IPS panels were considered less responsive than their TN counterparts, delivering high feedback times across the board. While it can still be used in practice, there are plenty of low-uptime alternatives to IPS panels, giving you the same responsiveness as a TN panel with better color reproduction and more significant viewing angles. .

What is a VA panel?

VA panels were created to have the capabilities of the additional IPS and TN panels. They are somewhat in the middle and are also divided into MVA and PVA.

Overall, they have better viewing angles, darker blacks, and better color matching. Previously, VA panels may not have handled the fast reaction time of the TN; however, this is no longer the case, as progress across all panels is declining.

TN vs. IPS vs. VA displays

With all the features they have, it’s hard to decide which one is right for you. We have also come together to explain very carefully the differences between TN, IPS and VA screens to help you with your choice at some point.

Under significant differences, let’s talk more about the aspects that reinforce the differences of each screen for particular jobs than for others.

Action time

Total TN tracks generally have fast commentary times. With a response time of 1ms to less than 5ms, playing competitive games using these displays should give you an edge.

IPS displays take a long time to process images and their response times range from 5ms to 8ms, depending on the brand. That’s definitely not the scenario anymore, as IPS screens are just as responsive as TNs across the board.

Response times, whether you choose TN, IPS, or VA, are a controversial topic; however, you will pay more using an IPS panel in TN in addition to VA.

Viewing angles.

TN screens have a poor viewing angle compared to IPS screens. They cannot compete with their IPS and VA counterparts. Seen from both sides and also from above or below, you can also see the tones change.

IPS display screens have more exit angles. Shadows don’t change, unlike TN panels where tones can glow if you’re not directly facing the screen.

VA displays also have a larger viewing angle than TN monitors, but still cannot cope with IPS displays. However, viewed from different angles, it is less noticeable than TN. The tone changes a bit.

Shadow production.

When it comes to the best quality shadow mirroring, the monitors can’t compete with IPS and VA screens.

IPS, as well as VA screens, have better control and accuracy, allowing them to deliver a more specific tone than TN screens.


TN screens show better blacks compared to IPS screens. However, the VA seeks to duplicate the achievable capabilities of TN displays. This makes them ideal for watching movies as they display better colors than dark scenes.


TN displays are among the most popular types of monitors for most people, many important because of their affordability.

IPS and VA displays tend to be quite expensive with similar performance specs, better viewing angles, and brilliant shadow entertainment.

Computer games for PC.

Considering how quickly they can duplicate photos, TN screens are best for PC gaming features. Let’s say you don’t plan to spend a lot of money on your next monitor upgrade. If so, TN displays offer great performance for less and a great upgrade for anyone who enjoys competitive FPS.

IPS looks at quality, both fast turnaround times and high upgrade costs with no downsides so if money is no object or you are on a budget then you should use a style IPS.

Final remarks.

Whether it’s a TN, IPS, or VA panel, choosing the best monitor doesn’t have to be based on what most people use. The monitor you choose begs to meet your specific criteria and also does justice to the games you play.

With all the differences discussed, it’s clear that IPS computer gaming displays are the best of the best, with fast and responsive needs, fuller test angles, and also excellent color reproduction. TN screens are still unique for PC video games when played at an affordable price, for less money and they will fail you.

If you are in the business of developing materials, photo editing, designing graphics, and making music videos, an IPS screen is required.

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